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Unsure if you or your kids have lice or not? Wondering how you can tell if your family has lice? Knowing how to identify lice can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you've never performed a head-lice diagnosis before.

Fortunately, we know exactly what to look for to identify head lice and an infestation of nits.

Know For Certain If You Have Lice (Or Don't)

Come in for one of Nitpickerz Professional Head Checks. It's inexpensive, and brings great peace-of-mind. We know exactly what we are looking for and are able to provide immediate treatment if there are lice.

Can Someone Have Lice Without Realizing It?


Even Without Itching?

It is possible to have had head lice for an extended amount of time without ever even realizing that your head is carrying them around. About 50% of the population infested with lice never even feels itchy.

Generally speaking, by the time someone identifies they have head lice, they've had it for 2-3 weeks already.

Symptoms of Lice

Some symptoms of head lice are:

  • low-grade fever
  • bags under the eyes
  • swollen glands
  • rash at the nape of the neck
  • falling asleep after a good night's sleep

Weird Fun Fact:

Head lice are nocturnal, they become more active at night than during the day. Therefore the saying, "a lousy night's sleep."

Relax, We Will Know If You Have Lice Or Not

We incorporate a 3-step head check, methodical process, to determine whether lice is present. Not only are we inspecting the hair layer by layer using high quality lighting, we also use the Nit Free Terminator LICE COMB. The Terminator Comb has been proven to outperform all other lice combs currently on the market. Call now or book an appointment and get rid of the lice and have your peace of mind back.

Lice & Nit Head Check Pricing

$10.00 for short hair (hair cut above the ear)
$20.00 for long hair (hair below the ear)

$20.00 for short hair (hair cut above the ear)
$30.00 for long hair (hair below the ear)

Group Head Lice Screenings

We offer school & camp head checks at a very discounted rate. It's a $25.00 flat fee, with an additional $1.00 per head checked. If your camp or school is over 30 miles from our office location, an additional $25.00 travel fee will be added. Please know, group head checks must be booked 48 hours in advance.

Did we find lice on your head during one of our screenings at your camp? We offer a 10% discount to any campers who come to our treatment center following a head lice diagnosis by us. Simply mention your camp name at the time of booking to receive the discounted rate.

How Long Is A Head Lice Check?

Head checks take about 20 minutes to complete. If evidence of lice is found, the head check fee will be waived upon a full lice removal treatment.

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Nitpickerz Got Rid of the Lice

"I was totally on the verge of a nervous breakdown. My kids couldn’t go to school, I had to miss work and the neighbors were staying away. It was bad! NITPICKERZ got rid of the lice and the kids were back in school the very next Day!" -Nancy J, Burnsville MN

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