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Wet Hair Detangling Brush Professional

Wet Hair Professional Detangling Brush

Brush-pro Professional Hair Detangling Brush

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Pro Detangle Brush Specs

  • Works great on wet and dry hair
  • No snags, no tangles
  • Works great on hair extensions and wigs too

The IntelliFlex Difference

Brush out tangles easily, with no pulling, tugging or pain.

Thin and strong yet flexible, our IntelliFlex bristles glide through hair effortlessly. Combined with our exclusive ultra-soft polytips, SofTips, the adaptive flexibility of our IntelliFlex bristles help protect the hair, and ideal for sensitive scalps and provide a massaging action.

The result: healthier hair with no tangles, no split ends and less breakage. .

Designed for Stylists

Wet Brush makes detangling a lot more comfortable- for your hair and for your hand. Our specially rubberized handle provides stylists with a soft, sure grip that makes this brush a stylist's best friend.

Caution: Do not use this brush with a blow dryer, as heat may damage the Intellifelx bristles.

Hint: Works great with our Lice Repelling Mint Spray

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