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So relieved to have found Nitpickerz

I am a recent customer and wanted to formally thank Donita for getting rid of lice for our family. She stayed late for my daughter, came in early the next day for me and ended her shift checking my husband. We appreciate her flexibility as getting lice is never at a convenient time and now we are lice free.
Thank relieved to have found nitpickerz.
Beth H.

Truly they care

"Simply said! Nitpickerz are the best ever! My son had the worst case of lice I had ever experienced. I was so ready to just shave his head. Nitpickerz spent so much time and patience in ensuring a complete removal of everything from his head. Truly they care about their patients and really do put a parents mind at ease. I highly recommend Nitpickerz to any home or school dealing with this.”
Catherine S., Maplewood MN

Kids were back in school the very next day!

“I was totally on the verge of a nervous breakdown. My kids couldn’t go to school, I had to miss work and the neighbors were staying away. It was bad! Nitpickerz got rid of the lice and the kids were back in school the very next Day!”
Nancy J., Burnsville MN

Nitpickerz was the answer

“I can do most anything successfully, but after hours and days of combing and picking through the nits and lice in the hair of my 2 kids, I had to throw in the towel. Nitpickerz was the answer and literally took over and they got rid of the lice!”
Marie C., Hudson WI

Because of Nitpickerz we are finally lice-free

“I wish I would have called Nitpickerz from the very onset of this infestation! I could have saved tons of money on wasted shampoos, pesticides, boxed items and doctor’s visits. Because of Nitpickerz we are finally lice free!”
Barbara M., St Paul MN

I called Nitpickerz and the lice is gone

“I did everything I could for 2 months to get rid of the lice myself. I was so determined. My kids and husband were so stressed. Finally after spending way too much money on over the counter options I called Nitpickerz and miraculously the Lice is gone. Thank you so much!"
Stacy R., Oakdale MN

Only place on the east side of the cities to get quality lice removal

"Long but detailed appointments in a situation when you really need thurough work. Got all the lice and nuts at the first appointment. Only place on the east side of the cities to get quality lice removal."
Douglas S., Yelp Review, St. Paul, MN

This is the place to go!

"We had a wonderful experience. We discovered on a Saturday night that our oldest might have lice. I had zero experience with lice so I started Googling and found this place. At 9:00 p.m. I requested a Sunday morning appointment for a lice check and it was almost immediately confirmed. The whole family came in Sunday morning, all of us were checked, and those who were confirmed to have lice were treated. The treatment for one child took several hours. While in the chair she was given snacks and also given her choice of kid videos to watch. Both employees were very thorough and very efficient. They also gave me an extensive eduction on lice including how to decontaminate the house and how to prevent future outbreaks. Two rechecks are included in the price of the service to make sure they are gone. If you ever have to deal with lice this is the place to go!"
Heather L., Yelp Review, Minneapolis, MN

Brought her to Nitpickerz and it was gone

"We are so incredibly happy we found this service! I tried to treat my daughter multiple times and the chemicals just did not work. I brought her to Nitpickerz and it was gone in one painless visit! The staff was extremely patient, thorough and informative. I will never try to do it myself again! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Charli Rogness, Google Review

Well worth the money for peace of mind

"Unless you don't want a re-hatch, take your loved ones here, don't do the kit they don't work!!! These ladies made me feel comfortable in my fragile state! I really had a melt down when I discovered my Daughter had lice! They took us under their arms, educated me further, and gave me some great tips. They are fabulous, and well worth the money for peace of mind!"
Autumn Vargas, Google Review

Fantastic service

"Fantastic service! Don't know what I would have done without the ladies at Nitpickerz! They were calming, kind and great with my kids. There is no way I would have been able to get my kids to sit like that at home. If I ever run into this problem again I will be back!"
Christine Ryan, Google Review

Wonderful, kind and patient

"I discovered lice on my daughters head last Sunday. I called three places, one only a mile away. Two places said it was too late in the day and that they did not have time to see us. Finally I called NITPICKERZ, they also closed at 3pm on Sunday but that they would see us, even if they had to stay open late. LaDonta checked all three of my kids and myself. Then treated my oldest daughter. LaDonta was wonderful, kind and patient. She stayed one hour after they closed to take care of us. I am so appreciative!!!!! I highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!"
Luke Juhl, Google Review

Two thumbs up

"Nitpickerz staff does excellent work. They may not be cheap, but I feel the cost is well worth it. Coming feeling dirty and infested, I left feeling clean and encouraged. Ladonta (one of the employees) has a lot of knowledge and experience, and always makes jokes to lighten the mood, which made me feel less depressed. Two thumbs up!!"
Heather Phillips, Google Review


"Great job, I've never been able to get my daughter to sit for her entire head to be picked, these women did it! Kudos! No more of them nasty bugs! There may be bugs on some of u mugs, but there ain't no bugs on me!!"
Jill Cochran, Google Review

Awesome with my daughter

"Angie and Ladonta are amazing!!!! Loved the care we got-they were awesome with my daughter!!! So Thankful!!!!
Michelle Rick, Google Review

Lice during a road trip

"We were on a road trip with ALL 3 KIDS when we discovered they all might have lice. The girls graciously extended a very last minute appointment, then, stayed late and took care of all 3 kids. Thank you so much for taking care of us. Great care, and unmatched customer service. (An abundance of empathy was helpful too.)"
Peter G., Google Review

I recommend it

"I discovered lice in my daughter's hair last Sunday morning. We had dealt with this issue before, unsuccessfully, so I decided it was time to call the professionals. LaDonta answered the phone and was very friendly and kind. She must have heard the desperation in my voice because, although she had only one appointment left that day, she told me to bring in my whole family and she would stay late to check all four of us and provide necessary treatments. I was so grateful for her willingness to accommodate us. Ladonta and the staff at Nitpickerz were very professional and considerate and I would recommend her to anyone in need of lice removal services. Thank you!"
Laurie, Google Review

Very detailed in their job

"Excellent! I called around and they had the best prices and quickest availability. Upon arrival I was so impressed at the information I was provided with to help prevent future infestations. The staff was knowledgable, informative and calming. Not to mention they were very detailed in their job. To my surprise Mommy had it too. Thank you so very much!"
Michelle Setodji

The absolute BOMB

"This place is the absolute BOMB!! I was so upset when my daughter got lice! I went to Nitpickerz on the recommendation of a friend and am I glad I did! They are so thorough at this place! When we came back three days after our initial visit for a check they only found one more nit! It's amazing! It's over! All these people who spend weeks and months trying to get rid of lice and we were finished in ONE day! This was the best solution in the world! After cleaning the house it was over - NO MORE LICE! I can't recommend them highly enough! It's the answer to lice! YEAH NITPICKERZ!"
Denise Aslum, Google Review

Wonderful place

"OMG!! I wish I would have known this wonderful place existed a week ago! My daughter got lice and after unsuccessfully treating her hair, twice, (and $150 bucks later) I found out about Nitpickerz!! Ladonta was a lifesaver, she taught me a lot about lice, and some school districts policy on lice that I didn't know! My daughter was put at ease while the treatment took place with a movie and comfortable chair and Ladonta was very gentle and accommodating!! I was checked too and found out that I had it too, thank God we both were treated so we could get back to our lives!! Thank You so much Ladonta!! Anyone who has to deal with lice, go here and you can relax while the kids are taken care of! Worth every penny!! I would recommend to everyone!! Oh! I almost forgot, we were seen today, on a Sunday, very flexible schedule."
Christina Duncanson, Google Review

Get back to living

"These folks knits what they're doing and will get you squared away so you can forget about lice and get back to living."
Carey Nadeu, Google Review

Highly recommend

"Both Angie and Ladonta were awesome! Lice is going around our elementary school like crazy, so getting excellent information, compassion and extremely thorough treatment from these professionals was a lifesaver! Thank you! Highly recommend!"
Bonnie Slaughter, Google Review

Kid-friendly place

"Such a kind and kid friendly place, I have already recommended it to a friend. Great success!!"
Molly Haen, Google Review


"Super nice employees who were very educational and sympathetic!"
Vickie Lee-her, Google Review

Knowledge to help

"I couldn't believe it happened to us, but thank god for Ladonta and her patience and experience! She was a joy to talk with and full of knowledge to help us prevent this from happening again!"
Jessie Khang, Google Review

Friendly and professional

"When you have to deal with nits/lice, there is nowhere more friendly and professional."
Tony Dougherty, Google Review

Worth it

"Expensive, but worth it to be rid of lice"
Lazarus52980, Google Review


"Very helpful! Got us in at the last minute and very thorough."
Sue C., Vagaro Review

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"I was totally on the verge of a nervous breakdown. My kids couldn’t go to school, I had to miss work and the neighbors were staying away. It was bad! NITPICKERZ got rid of the lice and the kids were back in school the very next Day!" -Nancy J, Burnsville MN

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