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Our nitpickers get a lot of the same questions, here's just a few of them to hopefully help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get Lice If I Visit Your Treatment Salon?

No. We work with removing lice every single day and know exactly how to keep them off of your and our own heads. Our salon is actually the last place you'd catch lice from. Something important to know about lice is they can't jump, or leap from head to head. While lice certainly come into our salon on people's heads, they never leave. We eradicate & kill them. Rest assured, when you visit our location you will not leave with lice or nits. We just wouldn't allow that to happen.

How Long Does A Lice Head-Check Take

Head checks take about 20 minutes to complete. If evidence of lice is found, the head check fee will be waived upon a full lice removal treatment.

How Long Does A Lice Removal Take?

Treatment times will vary from person to person based on cooperation, severity, length and thickness of hair. Average treatment time is roughly 1.75 hours. Boys treatment times are much shorter. Average time for a boy is 30-45 min.

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I Am Booking Online & The Time Slot That Works Best For Me Is Taken, Is There Anything You Can Do?

If you are booking online and do not see a time available that works best for you, please call our office directly. 651-236-8528. We often can accomodate your schedule and adjust things on our end to make room for your specific time available.

Do You Accept Insurance?

We do not accept general insurance as a form of payment. (We do accept HSA/FSA accounts)
Please note that some insurance companies will reimburse for professional lice services. Please advise with your individual insurance providers. We will provide you with any necessary documentation needed for reimbursement.

Do You Accept HSA/FSA Accounts For Payment?

Nitpickerz does accept your HSA/FSA accounts as a form of payment. Please be sure to verify with your individual accounts before arriving. Upon completion of your appointment, we will provide you with a detailed receipt of your expenses incurred. Please keep this receipt for your records. Your HSA or FSA may ask for this itemization in the future.

Is Itching The First Symptom Of Lice?

Itching is the most obvious sign and probably one of the number one reasons we think to look at the hair for evidence of lice. Did you know that some people never itch? We itch because we are having an allergic reaction to the saliva that lice secrete when feeding. This keeps our blood from clotting and therefore, making it easier for lice to feed. It can take up to 2 weeks for enough saliva to build up in order to cause the itching. Therefore, by the time we catch the evidence of lice, they have already been present for quite some time. Not everyone has this reaction. About 50% of the population never itch.

I Found A Nit At The End Of My Child's Hair Strands. Does That Mean It Is Old & Not Viable?

No. While we typically find nits closer to the scalp, nits can be found a couple of inches down the hair shaft. In colder climates, bug tend to stay closer to the scalp, where it is warmer. In warmer climates, it is common for the bug to travel more freely through the hair laying nits along the hair shaft as they go.

cleaning after lice

Don't overthink this step. It's simple really.

How Do I Clean My Home?

Don’t over think this step. Within 24 hours of a louse being off your head, it can no longer survive. Only concentrate on cleaning the areas of your home that the infected person frequented within the last 24 hours.

Change sheets on any of the bed’s the infested person might have slept in within the last 24 hours. Wash and dry in HOT temperatures or set in dirty laundry for more than 24 hours.

Use new pajamas and a clean towel. Wash and dry or simply set these items aside until 24 hours has passed.

Remove any comforters or bedspread and dry on high heat for 30-45 minutes or simply set aside for more than 24 hours.

Wash any combs, brushes and hair ties used in the last 24 hours.

Run a light vacuum on any areas the infested person frequently sits or lays including floors, furniture, car, and any other upholstered items.

Remove any blankets or stuffed animal the child sleeps with and dry on high heat for 30-45 minutes.

How Likely Am I To Get Lice Again?

Once you have had lice, you are more prone to getting lice again. Lice leave a scent behind that actually "calls" out to other lice telling them you are a good food source. Lice generally travel in harems, often consisting of seven or eight females and one male. So it is not unusually to find multiple adult lice upon detection.

animals and lice

Don't worry, your pets are all safe

Do Lice Get In Pet Fur Or Is There Anything I Should Know For My Animals?

Your furry friends are safe. Lice only live on humans. They will not survive on your pets.

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