NitPickerz Owners Angie Anderson and Tom McKay

Left: Lice Expert Angie Anderson, President & Owner, Right: Tom McKay, Owner

Small Local Lice Removal Business

Wouldn't you know that we got our start in the lice-reomval business all because of a terrible lice infestation?

Hello, we are Angie & Tom, the owners of Nitpickerz lice removal center in Maplewood, Minnesota. We're both parents. Angie has a few boys, and Tom has couple of girls. Wouldn't you know, as life would have it, it's really our kids that got us into the lice removal business to begin with.

We Got Our Start in Head Lice Removal because Our Kids Got Lice

The adventure started back in 2013 when our families both experienced the grueling, mind-numbing,and complicated process of getting rid of head lice on our children. We knew nothing about head lice, about how to get rid of it, or really even what lice was back then. As parents, it was just terrible wanting to get rid of the disgusting blood-sucking lice that were all over our kids heads. We learned fast just about how quickly the lice can take over every thinking moment of your life. It's like nothing else matters until the lice are gone. Needless to say, it's emotionally draining to be thinking about lice, lice, lice so much. Especially when there's school to do... which our kids were missing out on because they weren't allowed to go to school while their heads were covered in lice.

We Experienced a Lice Infestation Too

We understand first-hand the emotional and embarrassing pressure that you are under as a partent to get your lice infestation under control in your house. Where do you start? What do you do? There's so many lice-killing products at the drug-store, but which ones work? And worse yet, are they safe to use on your kids and your scalps? There's so many options out there, some that work and some that don't, and some that are toxic to your health. Yikes! We tried many methods, most that just did not work on our kids heads. It's was exhausting and annoying.

Discovered What Works - The Shepherd Method

We tried so many options ourselves and it wasn't until after it was all said and done that we looked back at all of the different treatments we tried and the one that actually worked- that decided we wanted to help other people with the knowledge we learned of how best to safely remove the lice from our own children's heads with a professional lice removal treatment by a certified method.

lice removal staff at Nitpickerz

Angie Anderson & two of her nitpicking staff members

We Decided to Open for Business & Help Other Families

After our own successful battles against head lice, and discovering that one of the best ways to get rid of lice was by hand, performed by someone trained in "The Shepherd Method". So Angie traveled to Florida and attended school where she learned The Shepherd Method of lice removal for herself. It's a wonderful, non-toxic, lice-removal-by-hand method of getting lice off of people's heads.

It Really Works

The Shepherd Method of lice removal is what all of our employees (nitpickers) practice in our lice-removal salon to get the lice out of your hair for good. It’s proven to work, and in our years of business now we’ve had great success. It's why so many parents refer their friends and other families to us whenever a lice outbreak happens at schools and in neighborhoods.

Really the only downside to The Shepherd Method is that it takes awhile to perform, the upside is that it is non-toxic (yay!) and really works well in getting rid of all of your head lice.

Your Business Matters to Us

Thank you for your interest in our lice removal services at here at Nitpickerz. Because we are a small, locally owned business, we truly value you very much and hope we can help you.

Without customers like you, our small "mom & pop" lice removal salon wouldn't be the success that it is. We've been in business for years now, and thank all of our customers, because without your ongoing support and patronage, we wouldn't be able to keep our doors open. Thank you!

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"I was totally on the verge of a nervous breakdown. My kids couldn’t go to school, I had to miss work and the neighbors were staying away. It was bad! NITPICKERZ got rid of the lice and the kids were back in school the very next Day!" -Nancy J, Burnsville MN

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