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Head Lice Diagnosis & Lice Removal Salon for Kids & Adults

You’ve found the best professional lice removal service in town to get rid of your head lice. We are a small mom & pop shop that really values you as a customer. We are trained & certified in the most meticulous lice removal method imaginable. It’s safe, uses no toxic chemicals, and best of all-- it works! So please take a deep breath & relax. We got this! Best of all, you can come to our salon-style lice removal center in St. Paul as soon as possible. We've got wifi, movies, and just about anything else you'll need while you wait.

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In the US, head lice affects approximately 12 million persons annually. It is one of the #1 reasons for children missing school, second only to the common cold. Lice nits have even been found on Egyptian mummies & is even a plague listed in the Bible. It’s more common than you’d think. It’s just terribly annoying when you are the one who has it.

Not 100% Sure If You Have Lice?

How to tell if you have lice? The best way is for us to do a lice head check. You'll be sure about each member of your family.

Head lice removal

Our Strand-by-strand Hair Lice Removal Process

We have been trained & certified using the most thorough, effective, & safe lice & nit removal process known as “The Shepherd Method™.” Learn more about our lice removal salon and our nitpickers.

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Nitpickerz Got Rid of the Lice

"I was totally on the verge of a nervous breakdown. My kids couldn’t go to school, I had to miss work and the neighbors were staying away. It was bad! NITPICKERZ got rid of the lice and the kids were back in school the very next Day!" -Nancy J, Burnsville MN

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